13 Amazing Ways To Decorate With Our Best Sellers

Looking to make a statement? Check out these iconic patterns that are always on our Best Sellers List. These stunning designs are versatile and create that Wow factor in any room.

Schumacher: Chenonceau Fabric & Wallpaper

1. httpscdn.decorpad.comphotos20110803f0acac7a5468.jpg

Whether you select the fabric or the wallpaper, Chenonceau will grace your home. We love it offset by stark white -moldings, furniture or tile- and with a pop of color, especially yellow, red or pink to add that special zest.
4. hot-pink-velvet-sofa-lucite-and-brass-coffee-tables3. 87d39598787e5. schumacher-chenonceau-charcoal-wallpaper-bathroom-vanity-below-window


Clarence House: The Vase Fabric & Wallpaper


Designed in the early 1970s, David Hicks’s hand printed The Vase fabric and wallpaper is based on an 18th Century Chinoiserie Document. Exclusive to Clarence House, this perennial favorite is so popular that it is now available in 23 colors including metallic gold and metallic silver

7. mark-d-sikes-house-beautiful-www.stylemummy.com_5. blue-and-white-ginger-jar-david-hicks-the-vase-wallpaper-dining-room-faux-bamboo-pagoda-chandelier5cc17aba4a6ed9fdca7438613bd4664d





Cole & Son: Nuvolette Wallpaper

9. httpswww.pinterest.compin416794140494881267

A newcomer to our list, Nuvolette wallpaper originated from one of Fornasetti’s designs. Released a few years ago, it makes every room, even the lowly laundry room, dramatic and unforgettable.

12. ZHUSH-Ironing-boardviewall2

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Your Top Products from 2015

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What Inspires Kelly Wearstler, Barbara Barry and Jeffrey Alan Marks can inspire you too!

Think Big Sur with its jagged coastline, crashing waves onto soft sand, ancient redwood trees and beautiful light as part of your daily lifestyle. Blending together are the natural elements of stone, wood and sea colors in nature to inspire our outstanding California designers. Look outside your back door and you too can find a wealth of inspiration!

Color Usage

Raw Coast Color Palette

California colors reflect those found around their coastlines: sandy beiges, marine blues, shell greys and warm corals.

Get These Colors in Your Home:

Beige Fabric - Greenhouse A8082 Burlap Fabric Blue Fabric - Schumacher Bagan Peacock Fabric Grey Fabric - Schumacher Kiribati Ikat Print Linen Fabric Coral Fabric - Schumacher Bargello Blush Conch Fabric

Kelly WearstlerKelly Wearstler Terra Firma collection portico shot

“California is a major point of inspiration to me. There is so much organic beauty, from the rugged, layered coastline and lush botanical gardens to the vast and scenic desert scapes. With this collection I wanted to evoke the unaffected luxury and natural beauty of the diverse terrain in a versatile play of patterns, colors and textures. The rhythmic patterns of an ocean wave, the labyrinth of a botanical garden, the subdued tonal hues of the shoreline. The idea was to capture an easy, yet elegant, raw and refined vibe.” – Kelly Wearstler


Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma inspiration desert plant Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma inspiration Palm trees Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma inspiration coral
Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma Zuma Rust Fabric Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma Porto Lake Fabric Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma Vertex Linen Fabric
Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma solstice linen Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma dune Ocean fabric Kelly Wearstler Terra Firma miramar pyrite fabric

Jeffrey Alan Marks

Jeffrey Alan Marks collection for Kravet

Once an avid water polo player, Los Angeles based interior designer Jeffrey Alan Marks’ Kravet and Portfolio fabric collections express his passion for the ever changing California coastline.


Jeffrey Alan Marks Portfolio Westridge Oyster Fabric Jeffrey Alan Marks Portfolio Spiro Gyro Mineral Fabric Jeffrey Alan Marks Kravet Templin Ocean Fabric
Jeffrey Alan Marks Portfolio Stream Up Mist fabric Jeffrey Alan Marks Kravet Gaffey Snow Fabric JeffreyAlan Marks Kravet Waterpolo Stone fabric

Barbara Barry


“I am a Californian designer and am inspired by the clear and constant light that illuminates the subtlety and nuance of texture and color. Like the multitude of shades in the grains of sand on a beach, I like to mimic nature by using many tones of one hue throughout a room.”  Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry Kravet Chalet Collection Watercolor

“Every year I head to Austria to take in the beauty of the mountains. The green Alps and blue skies are a spectacular backdrop for a simple but refined lifestyle. An all day hike is rewarded by the return to soft pine floors, fine linens and a glass of crisp Austrian Riesling. This magical lifestyle and beautiful surroundings inspired this new collection, Chalet.” – Barbara Barry


Kravet Rustic epingle prussian fabric Kravet Chalet Border blue frost trim Kravet Snowhaven Icecap fabric Kravet Lech Banding Alps Trim

World Class Designers Share Exclusive Tips For Summer Living!

Second homes and get aways are so important to reenergize us from our hectic lives! Whether you crave the beach and The Hamptons scene, the quaint New England charm of Nantucket, the pure cool air in the mountains or relaxing in your back yard, décor contributes greatly to rejuvenation.

Anthony Baratta


My new pool! Well not quite… But we can all get “The Look!” Congrats to Anthony Baratta for designing one of the most original pool settings!

Anthony’s TIP: “Well I approach swimming pools like any other room in the home; with an adventurous and fearless touch. I have never been known for understated anything, and designing this pool area was a fabulous opportunity to work with one of my favorite patterns; a bold blue and white stripe. I kept the trim crisp white, and layered in colorful regatta pillows and accents to punch things up. This room is happy, sporty and nautical-chic. Mariner light chandeliers finish this off in a seafaring fashion.”


130811 331833 331474 113485

John Barman


Fields of sunflowers inspired John Barman’s vivacious living room for clients who use their Hamptons home year round. “The super white walls and bright colors work well with the clear light outside to make a happy inviting space.”

John’s TIP: “For summer, the white slip covered sofas and upholstery in indoor/outdoor fabric make for easy maintenance.”


72033 72047 247378 187101

Gary McBournie


Several years ago my daughter Ashley and I took a girls’ trip to Nantucket and stumbled upon the Boat Basin’s wharf cottages. Once owned by fishermen who steamed lobsters there, these tiny gems intrigued me. Gary McBournie had the good fortune combining two and has enabled us to take a peek inside!
4. McBournie LR

The ideal cottage living room! Gary said “The weather-worn plank ceiling and spatter-painted floor recall the rich maritime history of the island.”



255984 260219 116729 187359

5. McBournie Banquettes

Like living on a boat, space is at a premium and banquettes with storage are a must!

Gary’s TIP: The dual sofas that convert to ship bunks provide additional sleeping.


260173 173729 81246 1899

6. McBournie Nantucket pixShell art is a local maritime tradition begun during the Moby Dick years!

7. McBournie Deck

Drinks at sunset facing the harbor and that beautiful picnic boat!

Gary’s Tip: Create a connection between the interior and surrounding environment. The clients’ Hinckley picnic boat, docked by the cottage, provided much nautical inspiration.


107066 173698 173712 6006

Suzanne Rheinstein8. Suzanne Rheinstein

This stunning Sun Valley  mountain home is used year round by Suzanne Rheinstein’s clients. Warm and cozy in the winter, woolen fabrics prevail. Come summer, Suzanne uses a lighter touch and fills the faux bois containers on the fireplace with flowers that grow in the meadow.

Suzanne’s TIP: I love soft wools for the winter, but slipcovers in cottons and linens, perhaps a change of decorative pillows, and putting away the warm throws for soft cotton quilts prepares you for the new season.


71622 19683 71918 71926


We’ve Been Featured by The Pink Clutch


We are so excited to share The Pink Clutch’s terrific blog post featuring DecoratorsBest with you! Enjoy!

DSC 0021

More from Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch!

“I have absolutely loved using DecoratorsBest wallpaper and fabrics in my last two One Room Challenges projects. With both the Kitchen and Den reveals behind me I love looking back at all the details that were truly my favorite.

In both spaces I started with one thing that inspired me and built the room from there. I always have a jumping off point when designing our home. For the kitchen it was the Clarence House The Vase wallpaper. I had seen the paper in an episode of Lipstick Jungle about ten years ago and I never forgot it. When I knew I would be using it in the kitchen I was thrilled to see it was available from DecoratorsBest.”

DSC 0029

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